Outils personnels


XML/ZIP samples of eP records

ExFile epet europass cv example
ExFile Kite europass CV sample
ExFile PebblePad Sample
IMS eP ZIP package, 2006-10-06 release, all errors corrected.
ExFile Giunti LearneXact portfolio sample
ExFile Giunti 2006 package
File ePet transformed for Kite HR-XML profile
ePet example transformed using the XSLT to HR-XML Kite profile
File ePet transformed for IMS LIP profile
ePet example transformed using the basic IMS LIP XSLT
File PebblePad HR-XML Export
PebblePad export in an HR-XML profile close to Kite profile
File ePet Europass CV transformed in IMS eP using XSLT
File Phosphorix HR-XML export
File Phosphorix IMS LIP export
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