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IMS LIP Europass CV AP status and references

IMS LIP Europass CV AP status and references

This work is deprecated due to the use of the HR-XML Europass CV AP !


After some ePortfolio plugfest results, EIfEL has concluded that the IMS LIP Europass CV AP has failed to gain momentum from eP implementors, while in the same time HR-XML started to be more widely supported. So EIfEL has decided to move its Europass CV application profiling work to use an HR-XML binding instead of the IMS LIP one. 


This work has been done under the following European Projects:

Regarding Europass CV Application Profiles using IMS LIP, the reference document is provided by the CEN/ISSS LT:

The example used and the reference model is provided by Cedefop:

The Application Profile will be build on Specifications provided by IMS:

The aim of this wiki is to explain each issues to facilitate implementation.

Main issues :

Europass CV Personal Information:

  • Name:

For the moment the <typename>reference external vocabulary but in this case it would be possible to use vocabulary provided with imsdefault (first, last...)

  • <identification><contactinfo>:

To be conformant with the IMS LIP Schema binding it is necessary to use a different <contactinfo> element for each of Europass CV contact data (tel, fax, mobile, email...).

But in the other hand that will allow to use a typename element (only present at root of element contactinfo) to refer to the external vocabulary.

--> an example of this is provided in example-fr-2005-08-26

  • Nationality :

It is necessary to use an extension for this information. CEN Proposal is to use <identification><ext_identification>

--> still pending, for the moment the element <identification><demographics><placeofbirth> is used instead

Europass CV Language

  • Language:

At this time there are some trouble using <accessibility><language> for languages information from Europass CV:

  • It is not suffisant to reflect the Europass Language information model (CWA from the CEN provide some guidance to extend this element)
  • The <profiency>element need a valid "proficiencymode" attribute using the internal vocabulary which is not suffisant in case of Europass Language data model.
  • The <typename><tyvalue> element is intended to identify the language ("french", "english", ...) but in that case it can't also be use to identify the external vocabulary element which allow to make a clear difference between mother tongue and other languages. May be the use of sourcedid structure could be a solution.
  • The <accessibility> element provided within the IMS LIP data model is replaced by IMS ACCLIP spec in case of IMS ePortfolio usage. So this part is subject to change in case of using IMS eP spec for eportfolio packaging. The problem is that for the moment ACCLIP is not intended to deal with language data model.

So one possibility would be to use an extension or <competency> elements with some additional extensions for language purpose

--> still pending for the moment the example still use accessibility element. It seems that it will be better to use a specific data model element for this, which would be use also for IMS LIP extension.

Europass CV Work experience

  • Name and address of emloyers:

Proposal is to use <activity> with <affiliation><organisation> using <relationship>

--> Done

  • Occupation or position held:

Cen proposal is to use <activity><description>, this need some additional work on the XML examples.

--> still pending, for the moment we use <affiliation><role><description> for this information

  • Main activities and responsabilities:

Cen proposal is to use <activity><activity>, this need some additional work on the XML examples.

--> still pending, for the moment the example use <activity><description>

Europass CV Education:

  • Principal subjects/occupational skills covered:

Cen proposal is to use <transcript> or <activity> or <competency>, this need some additional work on the XML examples.

--> still pending, for the moment the example use <qcl><description><long> for this information

Europass CV Competencies

  • Competencies:

The competency structure don't include <typename>element, so the semantic is very poor, the only way to find the good information is to use the <description><short> to identify the kind of competency regarding Europass CV data model and <description><long> for the real textual description.

An another possiblity would be to use a typename element within the extension point include in competency <ext_competency>.

--> still pending but deferred, this element will be extended after the ep-plugfest

Europass CV Additional information and Annexes:

Cen proposal is to use <ext_learnerinfo>, this need some additional work on the XML examples. One proposal is to use the new element provided by IMS ePortfolio spec and also used in UKLeap?: <reflexion> element

--> There is no additional information in the french example, but it is planned to use this element from IMS eP specs.

Vocabulary info (VDEX file : EuropassVDEX?.xml)

The advantage of using reference like EuropassCVXXXX? (XXXX is a number), is that it would be easier to define a specific pattern for validation/conformance testing purpose.

In the other hand it is more difficult to understand the intend of the element when someone try to read only the Europass XML file and if there is a modification in the VDEX file it may give some trouble...

Important point for implementers:

  • The CRT tool v1.4.4 from TELCERT project is able to open the French example and allow to build additional sub-element using the "file"-"create xml instance from local schema" feature.

This tool can be downloaded from: http://www.eife-l.org/publications/tools/applicationprofilingtools/

  • There is an issue in the imsportfoliocp_v1p0.xsd schema (problem with a reference to an older W3C namespace for XML-Instance), thanks to koblenz university to highlight this. To stay compliant with the official schema from IMS each eportfoliocp application profiles will maintain this old reference.
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