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All elements related to version 1.1 of the Europortfolio Europass CV HR-XML Application Profile

ExFile HR-XML Europass - Europortfolio CV Application Profile v1.1
v1.1.0 rc2 of this application profile. Updated to use HR-XML SEP specs v2.5 and suppression of previous proprietary extensions.
File Cedefop v1.1 to HR-XML XSL v1.1rc2
XSL to transform Europass CV based on Cedefop schemas v1.1 to HR-XML CV profile 1.1. Release Candidate 2. Include all competency definitions. Distributed under LGPL. XSLs supporting other formats are available for EIfEL and Europortfolio corporate members (GermanCV, iProfile UK, hResume, CVUniversel-FR, IMS ePortfolio-NL)
File cv-2007-05-22-fr_hr-xml.xml
New sample using release 2.5 of HR-XML schemas (April 2007). The previous extensions have been replaced by new DegreeClassification elements in EducationHistory. This is related to the new Application Profile document (v1.1) used for the June CV interoperability seminar in Paris.
Folder XML CV examples
XML instances example based on the release 1.1rc1 of the appliction profile. Other example coming from other sources are also available to try the XSLs (Cedefop, GermanCV, CVuniversel...).
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