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v 0.9 of the Europass CV Application Profile.

Folder candidate-stt-2006-07-18
HR-XML derived schemas, include also a "root.xml" configuration file for using with Telcert CRT and an example file "marc.xml". THESE FILES ARE DEPRECATED AND MUST NOT BE USED ANY LONGER. A NEW SET OF SCHEMAS RELATED WITH THE RELEASE CANDIDATE V1 WILL COMING VERY SOON.
ExFile EuropassCV_HR-XML_AP_december_2006_changes.doc
Updated on 12th December 2006 to reflect the last changes related to the v1 release candidate of the Europass CV AP.
ExFile Eifel_ePortfolioAP_EuropassCV_HR-XML_v0p9p3draft.doc
THIS RELEASE IS DEPRECATED, see the v1 draft release and December changes to see how to upgrade your implementation to be conformant with the last release of this profile.
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