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Europortfolio Europass CV HR-XML.pdf

Europortfolio - Europass CV HR-XML Application Profile v2.0.3.0 (Final Release) updated to take into account the v2.0 release of Cedefop Europass Schemas (03/2009) as well as new HR-XML v3.0 specifications (09/2009), publication of Europass CV competencies definitions on Cedefop Europass Website in 2008, with some minor clarifications. Include also information about possible usage of optional HR-XML elements for ePortfolio needs (Higher Education, Europass Language Portfolio, Military Service), an another document describes more longer these extensions.

Eifel_ePortfolioAP_EuropassCV_HR-XML_v2p0_rev1.pdf — PDF document, 2028Kb

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