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Europass CV Application Profile

Application profiling work related to Europass CV

HR-XML Europass CV Application Profile


March 2010: The Europortfolio/Europass Extensions for CV Application profile that include support of other HR-XML elements (publication history, speaking events, attachments...) is now available, as well as XSLs for Europass to HR-XML transformation:



January 2010: The first revision of the Europass/Europortfolio CV Application Profile taken into account v2 of Europass CV and v3 of HR-XML specifications is now available:




September 2008 : The Final Release for the Version 1.2 is available:


Main changes:

- French "CV universel" from "Ethique et recrutement" association is now based on this profile.

- Europass - CEF competencies definitions used in this profile are now hosted directly by Cedefop in IEEE RDC format with all EU languages translations used in the profile:


which replace previous definitions:



Contains XSLs for interoperality with:




IMS ePortfolio / LIP Europass CV Application Profile (LIP part deprecated, CP part maintained)

The IMS LIP Europass CV AP is now Deprecated by HR-XML Europass CV AP.

The IMS ePortfolio CP part of the profile is still maintained to be used to package HR-XML portfolio parts with other ressources in a single ZIP file:


An another alternative studied option will be to use ODF (Open Document Format), OOXML (OpenOffice XML) or ISO MPEG 21 in this way.


Europass CV official documents:


Links to the download area on the Europass website:

Europass CV Homepage:

Europass CV Examples (all EU languages):

Instructions for filling in the CV (all EU languages):

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