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HR standards

specifications and standards related to HR (HR-XML, hResume, DOAC...)


HR-XML Cosortium is the worldwide leader in the field of specifications for HR systems (recruitment, assessment, performance management, staffing...)


HR-XML Homepage: http://www.hr-xml.org/

European Chapter of HR-XML: http://www.hr-xml.org/europe/

* The first seminar of HR-XML Europe has taken place in Brussels in November.

Here you can find the presentations held at the SIDES, SEP and Competencies Seminar on 16th

* The second one has taken place in Paris the 18th May 2006


Main CV profiles based on HR-XML specs:

- Europortfolio / Europass CV HR-XML Application Profile (EU, FR)


- iProfile (UK): http://www.iprofilecentral.com/ http://www.jmpeople.com/content_static/iProfile-explained.asp

- GermanCV (DE): http://www.hr-xml.org/hr-xml/wms/hr-xml-1-org/index.php?id={81448138F5F163CCDBA4ACC69819F280|543|2


EIfEL relation with HR-XML:

EIfEL is a member of HR-XML, they have signed an MoU in early 2006 for collaboration (especially on the topics of ePortfolio and Europass) and HR-XML specification dissemination in Europe.


Some activities of EIfEL:

EIfEL has presented the concept of ePortfolio, direct link to this presentation: http://eu.hr-xml.org/hr-xml/wms/customers/pdf/ePortfolio.pdf

* Third meeting in Barcelona, 25-26th October 2006 (EIfEL has chaired a parallel session dedicated to ePortfolio)

* Since June 2006, EIfEL is the leader of the Europass WG of HR-XML Europe.

* Since April 2007, EIfEL is now participating in the Concordia Program regarding identity federation, data privacy sharing of Europass CV based on HR-XML profile.


EIfEL is supporting XSLs to transform :

Europass Cedefop Schema to HR-XML Europortfolio / Europass CV Profile (including the opposite)

iProfile to HR-XML Europortfolio / Europass CV Profile (including the opposite)

GermanCV to HR-XML Europortfolio / Europass CV Profile (including the opposite)

All of this is supported in EIfEL CVT (CV Transcoding Web Service):




hResume is a simple microformat that could be embedded in HTML page, it includes simple information related to a user CV.

The main use of hResume is within LinkedIn user public profile (all of them include hResume information). Ziki is also supporting them.




There is an example of LinkedIn? public page with hResume embedded (look at the source of the page): http://www.linkedin.com/in/mvancoillie


Regarding web2 approach it could be interesting for company to look at using this format before to go to a more complex one (like HR-XML), but if they would like to use OpenID v2.0 especially for the attribute sharing part need XML schema based information and not Micro-format (so HR-XML and not hResume).

hResume is supported also by the Operator plugin for Firefox (developped by Michael Kaply - IBM).


Other example similar to hResume: Easy-Cv, this is an online tool free for the end user to host a CV. It uses some specific tags in the html code to define information related to CVs?. http://www.easy-cv.com/

Company Recrutae (http://www.recrutae.com/)

Example of a CV using it: http://mvancoillie.cv.fm/


EIfEL is supporting an XSL to transform information from hResume to HR-XML Europass CV format and an another one to dynamically present HR-XML Europass CV in XHTML with hResume information include in it. One another XSL helps to trasnform EasyCV to HR-XML.

A specific script for Operator have been also developped to use CVT.

All of this is supported in EIfEL CVT (CV Transcoding Web Service)






DOAC (Description Of A Career) is an RDF proposal based on the idea of FOAF (Friend Of A Frieznd) or DOAP (Description Of A Project) to propose an RDF Bnding for CV.

While the proposal is interesting regarding the semantic capabilty of RDF, in practice no system really support this specification.


This seems also to be an unsupported project at this time. The last news is about a merging with CV project from an another people:



As such the CVT is not supporting it for the moment (if anyone need it, please contact marc.van.coillie@eife-l.org in order to discuss your project and if EIfEL could help you in any way)


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