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Reference Links

SCORM Homepage:



Scorm 2004 Overview (FR / EN): http://www.eife-l.org/publications/standards/elearning-standard/scormoverview

(based on 2nd Edition of Scorm 2004)


SCORM 2004 3rd Edition Impacts Summary:



SCORM Primer from Philip Dodds : http://adlcommunity.net/mod/resource/view.php?id=458


Tools / Sample / Code

Convert2004 User guide: http://www.academiccolab.org/resources/convert2004/readme.html


Scorm Content samples: http://www.adlnet.gov/scorm/20043ED/CE.aspx

XERCEO sequencing and navigation guide: http://www.xerceo.com/snguide/

More information on Scorm Certification and price: http://www.academiccolab.org/certification/scorm/index.html

Erik Gebers (UTC), paper (FR): http://liris.cnrs.fr/~ic04/programme/Gebers.pdf

International Plugfest II , Taipei, January 2006: http://www.adlnet.org/news/plugfest/index.cfm



JCA: http://www.jcasolutions.com/whitepapers.php http://www.jcasolutions.com/samples.php

Techniques.org (KnowledgeWorks? LMS) Escorte4js (no longer available)

Doc on Xerceo website: http://www.xerceo.com/docs/javadoc/api/com/xerceo/learn/eSCORTE4JS.html


SCORM Support:

Passing the score from the Flash MX Quiz template to the LMS: http://adlcommunity.net/mod/data/view.php?d=27&rid=452


Producing Scorm 2004 CP from DocBook:

Pyxx DocBook2SCORM Converter is the command-line Ant-based java application intended to generate SCORM 2004 compliant packages from DocBook sources. It's free to use but not open source. It uses built-in Docbook XSLT to generate HTML resources.


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