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Quality initiatives

Through projects and initiatives, the Learning Europe Quality Observatory, aims at raising key issues and looking for answers to questions such as:

  • What does quality mean in a knowledge/learning society? How does it differ from quality in an industrial society?
  • How can knowledge, information and learning technologies (KILT) contribute to quality in learning processe at individual, organisational and territorial level?
  • How can we define quality for a learning organisation or a learning territory?
  • How does the quality of the 'learner' influence the quality of the learning service/process?
  • How can we define the quality of informal and non-formal learning?
  • ...

Many different European initiatives on quality should soon converge to establish a clear European leadership on the issue of quality in a learning society.

Some of the European initiatives linked to quality:

  • Open eQLs, the Open eQuality Learning Standards, is an international initiative led by EIfEL (Europe) and LIfIA (North & South America) to promote open standards to help those who want to design, delivery, evaluate and purchase quality eLearning products and services for students and their sponsors or advocates.
  • SEEL, looking at quality for e.Learning territories -  or digital learning territories or learning digital territories(regions, cities, districts, etc.)
  • SEEQUEL, brings together, the companies in the eLearning industry to define a cohesive, inclusive and robust approach to the Quality in the implementation and use of e-Learning systems and processes.
  • EQO, the European Quality Observatory, who has produced the EQO Quality Portal (EQP), a web-based platform, which supports the use of quality approaches in the field of eLearning.
  • TELCERT, that looks at standardisation and testability of eLearning products and services to insure interoperability.
  • ...


EIfEL is leading Special Interest Groups (SIGs) about a "Quality Mark" and "ePortfolio" as part of the European Foundation for Quality in E-Learning -Read the press release and join the SIG

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