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KC 2008 presentations

File BTomalin.ppt.pdf
CULTURE- a core competency in the European Year of Intercultural dialogue
File JStokoe.ppt.pdf
Functional Skills
File TTurnbull.ppt.pdf
Employability – Thinking About the Way Ahead
File TSaavala.ppt.pdf
Education & Training 2010 Key competencies for lifelong learning
File MLayte.ppt.pdf
MOSEP - More Self-Esteem with my E-Portfolio
File SSteiner.ppt.pdf
How can the Engineering Subject Centre help you in your role? - an introduction to the Subject Centre and its resources.
File Avallain.ppt.pdf
The Avallain Basic Skills System Practical experience with an integrated e-learning solution
File AClark.ppt.pdf
Policy challenges
File FVSmith.ppt.pdf
Employability skills explored
File JHuotari.ppt.pdf
Developing a Competence-based ePortfolio Management System
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