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Key Competencies 2007

File ALISON - A Revolutionary New Model for Key Competency Training
The ALISON FREE LEARNING PORTAL (www.alison.com) revolutionises access to and delivery of key competency training to anyone who seeks it worldwide. ALISON provides basic and essential workplace skills via high quality interactive multimedia courseware FREE to the Individual learner online. Since its launch in late April 2007, the FREE service has attracted over 100,000 learners from over 100 countries worldwide.
File ICT Skill for Life
The UK government announced in the white paper 21st Century Skills, Realising Our Potential that Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) would be included alongside literacy and numeracy as skills for life, that is, skills essential for people to live and work in a modern society. The decision was clearly based on factors such as that 90% of new jobs and 76% of existing ones require some degree of ICT skills, and the significant trend to provide government and other services online. ICT skills and knowledge are increasingly vital to be able to participate in society. Adults without ICT skills, confidence and access to technology are at serious risk of being excluded.
File Key Competencies – The Challenge KC 2007
Developing formative assessment practice can have a profound impact on the quality of learning and teaching, according to research on assessment in the national curriculum for schools. The two year research project (2005 – 2007), Improving Formative Assessment, funded by the Nuffield Foundation, NRDC and the QIA, has been evaluating how teachers and students in post-14 education and literacy, language and numeracy programmes for adults can enhance their understanding and practice of formative assessment. Led by Kathryn Ecclestone, Professor in Education at Oxford Brookes University, the research is informed by the work of Paul Black and Dylan Wiliam into formative assessment practices in secondary schools.
File How can we survive without key job competencies in Hong Kong?
At present, the primary industry employs less than 1% of the total population in Hong Kong. In the 1970s, the development of light industries was very fast and manufacturing industries employed 47.7% of the total working population. However, Hong Kong lacked raw materials, power resources and land for industrial development so since 1980s, over 90% of the Hong Kong factories have relocated to Mainland China to save costs and Hong Kong’s economy has transformed from the manufacturing sector to the tertiary sector. Everything in the society has to transform accordingly in order to adapt to the new challenges of economic globalization, modernisation and the close interconnection with Mainland China. The changes in the secondary and tertiary education system, curricula, examination system and format, employment structure, infrastructure, communication, transportation and logistic services are ever ongoing.
File Fritz Birnstiel Abstract.doc.pdf
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File John Hamer abstract.doc.pdf
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