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Exploiting the Full Potential of Digital Identity

File Managing Digital Identity with the Universal CV
The "CV Universel" project of the French association "Thic and Recruiting" will be launch in beginning of 2008. The aim is to give the ability to job seekers to manage their CV data sharings on job postings from job providers partners in this work (L'Oréal, La Poste, "Syntec Recrutement" – The French syndicate of Recruiting agencies). This avoid to lose time to rewrite each time the same information in differents applicant forms. This project use main leading standards and specifications to solve the different issues:  Liberty Alliance for the identities and services federation (SAML 2) and privacy data sharing (Liberty Web Service Framework);  Common European CV data model based on Europass CV;  Its binding using HR-XML specifications to be compliant with main HR systems. Most of the results of these project will be opensource by the end of the integration phase (3 months). This use case will present the architecture of this project, the reasons behind it, the status of the projectas well as different perspectives for eGouvernement and ePortfolio to ease Life long learning and accrediation of prior learning and experience (VAE in French).
File Homo Discens – a New Scale of Lifelong Learning
A novel paradigm becomes manifest in this new learning culture: Homo Discens –the learning human being. We do not understand this term regarding to the person and related steps of development or other approaches focusing on the person as it already exists in literature. Of higher interest and the essential aspect of this extract is the conceptional figure of the Homo Discens in IT. Standardized schemata have been developed in the past to define attributes and values relating to a person and to manage them in IT systems, i.e. identity management systems. The focus of our research is to derive a new paradigm and an advanced definition of Homo Discens for lifelong learning. Therefore, we have to review current identity management systems and add substantial power to existing schemata.
File Identity Management Solutions in Heterogeneous Learning Environments
The successful implementation of eLearning strategies is considered a major goal of German higher education institutions (HEIs). This goal includes an organisational concept of eLearning, as well as eLearning’s technical integration into the existing information and communication technology (ICT) infrastructures. In the context of two main research projects, we at Technische Universität München (TUM) have developed user-customizable, technologically enhanced learning environments for different user groups of varying interests, preferences and expertise. Based on this research work in elecTUM (http://www.tum.de/electum) and ZePeLin (http://www.zepelin.org) we propose suitable identity management solutions corresponding to heterogeneous learning scenarios.
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