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Rethinking Quality for Building a Learning Society

The article explores how the issue of quality in the knowledge economy and learning society of the 21st century might dramatically differ from that we have known in the industrial age. Until now, most approaches to quality were based on the idea that there is a clear separation between the producer of a good or service and its consumer. How should we define the quality of a learning environment where learners are not simply consumers of knowledge, but co-producers of their own as well as their organisation’s and community’s knowledge? How de we define quality in a system of prosumption, where consumers and producers merge? To suggest a response to this issue, the article will examine how the understanding of the organic link between individual, community, organisational and territorial learning is critical to realise the true power of e-Learning, i.e. the e-transformation and quality of all the processes linked to education, training, human resource and community development.

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