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ePortfolio 2007 Conference presentations (18th and 19th October 2007)

File A Regional ePortfolio for Employability
NedCar and competencies
File Specification-neutral e-Portfolios and Their Implementation with a Fedora Database
University Koblenz-Landau - Knowledge Media Institute Koblenz
File E-Portfolio comparison – form or function?
File Reflective e-portfolios for CPD & organisational change
Employability and lifelong learning. Warwick Institute for Employment Research in the knowledge society
File The Use of Electronic Portfolios in Initial Language Teacher Training as an Assessment and Evaluation Tool
Betül Arap - Mersin University-TURKEY
File Show your competencies in your own (e-)portfolio!
Career & Transfer Service Center of UdK Berlin
File The importance of acknowledging learning processes in assessing the impact of eportfolios
University of Nottingham, UK
File The ePortfolio-City
Alexander Christmann, KEVAG, Koblenz, Germany - Ingo Dahn - University of Koblenz-Landau, Koblenz, Germany
File Finding the Conditions of Possibility for Enquiry Based Online Learning
File The Competence Portfolio: From a Common Background to Differentiated Practice. Towards the e-Portfolio in the Vocational Training of Canton Ticino (Switzerland)
File Smart use of E-portfolios - Asset Management
File Online Approaches to Reflective Portfolio Learning – Initial Studies
File Cake for the Masses; the Royal College of Nursing e-Portfolio and Competency Assessment Tool Built on the Now.net Platform
File Introducing ePortfolios across a Paper-dominated University:Student and Staff Views and Attitudes to the Value of Change
File Towards a Learning Path Specification
File Question-Answering Through Selecting and Connecting Peer-Students
File Employability and ePortfolio
File Investigating the Role of ePortfolios and Online Courses in a Community of Practice: Assisting Bulgarian Special Educators with Lifelong Competency Development
File Media Competencies for Tutors – A Modularised Course Using ePortfolio. Using ePortfolio to Integrate a Modularised Course
File The Competence Portfolio: Reflection for Organisational Renewal
File Profiling mechanisms to stimulate participation in learning networks
File Enabling flexible recognition of prior learning competences using the EVC-toolbox electronic support system
File Introducing the student competency portfolio in the Technical School of Castelldefels (EPSC) of the Technical University of Catalonia (UPC)
File If We Build It, Will They Come? Embedding Employability through ePortfolio Assessment
File Innovative talent coaching and career development for catering professionals: twinning the catering e-portfolio with talent and job matchmaking
File Towards a Model for Navigation Support in Learning Networks
File Functionality for Learning Networks: Lessons Learned From Social Web Applications
File A Cross Section of Eportfolio Use in Danish Education
File New Vocational Pathways and Workforce Development: Nottingham’s Engagement with New ePortfolio Agendas Bridging the Education and Employment Sectors for Regional Development in the UK
File Processing learner profiles for smart indicators
File MOSEP - More Self Esteem with my E-portfolio Supporting New Competencies for E-portfolio Tutors
File Implementation of an eDossier for the European Language Portfolio
File Beyond the Blog: getting the right level of structure in an ePortfolio to support learning
File A Portfolio for a Project-Based Learning Telecommunications Engineering Course: a Case Study
File A Feasibility Study on the Personal Development Planning Process Embedded in the ‘SPECIAL’ ePortfolio for Generic Competencies Development
File Sink, Swim or Dive in? The Experience of Piloting an Eportfolio Environment to Support and Enhance Employability and Lifelong Learning Initiatives at The University of Salford
File Reflective e-portfolios for continuing professional development and organisational change
File The importance of acknowledging learning processes in assessing the impact of eportfolios
File Developing W-Portfolio Culture in Computer Education for Teacher Education
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