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HR Technologies

HR Technology conference (HR-XML) (17th October 2007)

File Competency Management Using Europass CV and ePortfolio CV-oriented Web-service
This document describes how it is possible to use external definition of competencies based on IEEE RDC standard for competency management and assessment using Europass - Europortfolio CV HR-XML profile to store all competency evidence.
File Europortfolio Interoperability Framework
This poster presents the Europortfolio interoperability framework and the two main interoperability use cases
File Towards a Secure and Trustworthy Internet
Identity management with proper privacy protection and user empowerment is of pivotal importance for creating the necessary trust for a continued development of the information society. On May 2nd, 2007, the Commission adopted a Communication on Promoting Data Protection by Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETs).
File CV Interoperability State of the Art Study Review and CV Cross-interoperability Web-service (for what, why and how to use it)
This session includes (1) a summary of CV related services interoperability study; (2) a summary State of art of CV profiles and specifications; (3) conrete demonstration of cross interoperability between main CVs profiles using the Europass / Europortfolio HR-XML and IMS CV Application Profiles and a webservice.
File hResume - a Micro-format for ePortfolio Interoperability ?
This presentation highlights implementation issues of hResume micro-format to enhance interoperability between web2 and HR web-services. It includes a presentation of the Firefox Micro-format Operator plug-in and capabilities to transform "on the fly" hResume to other CV format using CVT.
File HR-XML Europass - Europortfolio CV Interoperability Use Case from UK to Europe
This session describes an interoperability use-case based on HR-XML and Europass CV.
File Using Ontologies as a Base for Unification of Unstructured and Structured Matching
This paper explains how ontologies are used in real life applications for matching and searching and how models were built for competencies/skills and occupations as part of an e-recruitment process for a multinational company where HR-XML is used as main data format. Possible ways of modelling and extraction are presented in more detail.
File HR-XML 3.0 : The Ambitious Re-architecture of Standards
In this presentation, HR-XML Director Chuck Allen will review the new architecture and highlight changes to HR-XML's Resume, Candidate Profile, and Competency specifications. The session will also briefly review HR-XML's new Performance Management specifications.
File Responding to the Challenge of the Rapid Increase of Online Publication of CV’s or Resumes
Author explores the role of Hr-XML and other standards in bringing solutions to some of these challenges.
File Search 3.0 : Match - The Human Factor
Learn how your users' search experience will improve when you take into account the human factor.
File Being all things to all people – the challenge of creating a generic software model for a clinical e-Portfolio
The NHS e-Portfolio is web-based portfolio system that was launched in August 2005 with 400 pilot foundation year trainee doctors in Scotland. Between August 2006 and August 2007 the system was expanded to include all Scottish trainees, and trainees from all Northern Ireland, all Wales, and nine English Deaneries.
File SEP and SOA
An example of an HR-XML instance in a surrounding of service oriented architecture.
File Reference ontology and reference process
Competency-oriented approaches are gaining ground in human resource development. Key technology to cope with the complexity of these approaches are ontologies, both for defining competency frameworks and concrete competency catalogs. Ontologies enable the automation of competency-related tasks.
File Using Competencies in APOSDLE: a Competency Model based on Knowledge Space Theory
This paper introduces a formal model of how to describe learning goals and prerequisite knowledge in a work-integrated learning environment.
File Competence and Job Profile Frameworks
The presentation shows the “grammar” used to define and relate ICT competences, to describe learning outcomes, to identify levels. It indicates a way to create interoperable eCareer Services towards transparency across Europe and will also focus on the key success factors to build frameworks and standards.
File MeAggregator
Description of MeAgregator and an example of a typical user who would benefit from a fully functioning Me Aggregator.
File EurOccupations
The objective of this workshop is to inform experts and users about the design, use and possibilities of the occupations database. Additionally, authors inform HR professionals how they can use the EUROCCUPATIONS method, to discuss how the database can be used as an instrument in HRM how to join the EUROCCUPATIONS project.
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