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Proceedings from this conference: Abstracts, Papers, Presentations
Les TICA au service de l'apprentissage tout au long de la vie - Intervention de Serge Ravet au colloque sur le Formation tout au long de la vie (FTLV) à Rennes les 6-7 mars 2006
Présentation AURIF O1.06 - Présentation faite par Serge Ravet à la réunion de l'AURIF sur le ePortfolio
Osmosys ePortfolio - ePortfolio presentation, for the Bologna seminar on ePortfolio for adult education centres in the framework of the OSMOSYS project
Université été DATAR - Présentation du ePortfolio dans le cadre de l'université d'été de la DATAR en septembre 2005 à Lille.
eLearning Conference, Bruxelles 19-20 May 2005 -
ICL 2005 - ePortfolio - EIfEL was invited by Veronika Hornung-Prähauser from Salzburg Research Institute (Austria) to co-organise an ePortfolio workshop during the ICL 2005 conference, Villach Austria, as a follow-up of ePortfolio Austria, 27 April 2005, the first German speaking ePortfolio event that was held in Salzburg. This workshop was an opportunity to present the current development in the field of ePortfolios (S Ravet), discuss the issues linked to interoperability and conformance (M Van Coillie) and the need for further research (V Hornung-Prähauser), in particular in the field of semantic web.
ICL Conference 2005 - eportfolio Interoperability Framework - Eportfolio Interoperability framework. Serge Ravet and Marc Van Coillie
Presentation Milan, October 2005 - Presentation made by Maureen Layte for UNIVERSITA' CATTOLICA DEL SACRO CUORE MILAN on O1 October 2005 and titled "E-portfolio: models and potentialities"
ePortfolio and the World of work - Dr Kathryn Chang Barker presentation at Online Educa Berlin 2005 on ePortfolio for the world of work
ePortfolios: International Perspective - Maureen Layte and Serge Ravet presentation at Online Educa Berlin 2005 on an International Perspective of ePortfolios
Utrecht 120907.swf -
Utrecht 120907.pdf -
Serge Ravet ICL 2006 -
interoperability revised - ePortfolio interoperability revised