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Revealing the essence of ePortfolios

While issues of diversity in education have been actively explored for a number of years particularly within compulsory educational systems (Garcia & Garcia Lopez, 2005; Hagan & McGlynn, 2004), literature specifically related to issues of diversity in Information Technology (IT) education has only recently emerged (Trajkovski, 2006). Key drivers for this emergent field of research include the increasing numbers of non-traditional students entering higher education resulting in greater diversity in the student population; the rapidly changing technology field and its impact on education as a whole; and in the case of Higher Education (HE), changing educational goals, which sees opportunities available to a wider audience (Jeffrey, Atkins, Laurs, & Mann, 2006). Added to this a new generation of students termed the “millennials” (students who have grown up with technology) now entering HE education, these trends are forcing institutions to reassess how to address diverse student learning needs (Jeffrey et al., 2006).

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