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A ‘Special’ ePortfolio: developing an all-round university graduate.

What are the ways an ePortfolio can assist in developing, recording and assessing 21st century literacies and skills and develop an all-round graduate? And can an ePortfolio empower ‘SPECIAL’ learners for the 21st century? The ‘SPECIAL’ ePortfolio has been developed as a project under the auspice of the Hong Kong Polytechnic Student Affairs Office (SAO) in collaboration with the Educational Development Centre and the Information Technology Services Department. The SAO Student ‘SPECIAL” e-Portfolio offers students a tool they can use to gather evidence of their skills, reflect on their experiences, and recognize their improvement and development over time. Students are encouraged to take a more holistic view of their learning and journey through University Life by reflecting on experiences drawn not only from their studies, but from all areas of their lives.

eP HK 2007 Abstract P Duffy.doc — Microsoft Word Document, 27Kb

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