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ePortfolio Proceedings

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Information, presentations and proceedings from previous ePortfolio conferences organised or coorganised by EIfEL. Some of the presentations are publicly available, while the proceedings are accessible to conference delegates and EIfEL members.

Folder Learning Forum London 2010
Folder Learning Forum London 2009
The 7th international ePortfolio conference
Folder ePortfolio 2008
ePortfolio and Digital Identity Conference, 22-24 October 2008, Maastricht
Folder ePortfolio 2007
ePortfolio 2007 and HCSIT Proceedings (HR Technology, Digital Identity and Privacy conferences). ePortfolio 2007 is the key international event for the growing community of professionals interested in, and working with, ePortfolios. It brings together policy-makers, researchers, teachers, trainers, human resource managers and technologists.
Folder Asia Pacific 2007
The papers and presentations from ePortfolio Hong Kong 2007 and Wellington 2007, the second ePortfolio New Zealand conference.
Folder ePortfolio 2006
The 4th international ePortfolio conference
Folder Vancouver 2006
Third PanAmerican ePortfolio Working Forum - Vancouver 2006
Folder Québec 2006
Réponses à l'appel à contributions
Folder Auckland 2005
Presentations for the second ePortfolio conference in Auckland
Folder ePortfolio 2005
ePortfolio 2005, the third international ePortfolio Conference, Cambridge UK
Folder Odense 2005
ePortfolio Odense 2005
Folder Salzburg 2005
ePortfolio Salzburg 2005
Folder Melbourne 2004
ePortfolio Melbourne 2004
Folder ePortfolio 2004
ePortfolio 2004 The second international conference on the ePortfolio, Poitiers France. Transforming individual and organisational learning
Folder London 2004
Folder Dublin 2004
ePortfolio Dublin 2004: 12 July
Folder ePortfolio 2003
Information about the ePortfolio 2003 Poitiers conference
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