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Learning Technologies Proceedings

Learning technologies

Folder iLearning Forum 2009
Proceedings (papers and abstracts) of iLearning Forum 2009 conference / Actes de la conférence iLearning Forum 2009
Folder iLearning Forum 2008
Proceedings (papers and abstracts) of iLearning Forum 2008 conference and plugfest / Actes de la conférence et de la plugfest Learning Forum 2008
Folder Key Competencies - Skills for Life 2008
City University, London 19-20 June 2008
Folder CV Interoperability Seminar 2007
Proceedings of the seminar (presentations, conclusions) - (18-19 June 2007 - IMI - Paris)
Folder iLearning Forum 2007
Proceedings of the conference
Folder Key Competencies 2007
Folder MISC 2010
MISC 2010 - Mobility, Individualisation, Socialisation, Connectivity Conference proceedings, (abstract, papers, presentations).
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