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QUALC – Tailor-made Quality for ALCs


The clear advantage of having a specific quality assurance model (a system and certification), rather than models intended for other contexts, is that it will be designed with the needs of the ALCs and their learners in mind. It will build on the extensive work carried out at European level on vocational education and training. A strong feature of the QUALC approach will be its recognition of the organic links between individual, organisational and community learning.

ALC staff , learners and the communities in which they live and learn will benefit from: A bespoke quality label for ALCs representing formal recognition of centres' commitment to the use of quality systems and providing a tool to ensure continual quality improvement

The establishment of the QUALC network, which will:

  • provide staff development to embed Quality Assurance mechanisms in ALCs across Europe
  • support ALCs in the integration of learningcentered quality processes into their servicesusing accessible tools;
  • create a learning community dedicated to the development of quality methodology and tools for ALC staff across Europe
  • ALCs that offer a rich learning environment, enabling learners to develop and achieve their potential, with particular emphasis on the bridging of formal, non-formal and informal learning in a structured learning experience.

It is also anticipated that the outcomes of QUAL-C will be of relevance to a broad set of adult learning stakeholders including research centres, lifelong
learning organisations; vocational training and educational practitioners, policy makers, employers and all those with an interest in the recognition and recording of learners achievement undertaken through non-formal and informal learning provision.


Access to learning opportunities and recognition of learning achievements is essential for all citizens for their daily life, working life, and life within the community. In the revised Lisbon strategy the European Commission calls for Europe to refocus its approach to growth and employment. The development of multi-purpose Adult Learning 1 Centres (ALCs) is considered an important element in making lifelong learning opportunities easily accessible for all.

ALCs have a unique contribution to make in enabling individuals to achieve their personal development goals by identifying and exploiting all available learning opportunities – formal, nonformal and informal. Since the vast majority of that we know and can do is acquired nonformally and informally, the focus of the QUALC project is on ALC non-formal/informal facilitation and specifically on the quality of this facilitation.

A strong European partnership is developing the first European Quality Assurance model for ALCs to enable them to continue to provide a first-class st service to the 21 century learner.



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