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Partnership Observation System for the Implementation of Lifelong Learning Initiatives and Policies

POSILLIPO aims to better understand the building, shaping, maintenance, development and evolution of Lifelong Learning partnerships and the role of stakeholders in the definition, design, implementation and evaluation of policies and initiatives in the field of LLL. Thus, it focuses on the identification, analysis and follow-up of the different policies and stakeholders between all levels of public authorities, social partners, NGOs, education and training institutions, enterprises, cultural establishments and research organisations making special emphasis in settings that promote informal learning for adults and their role in lifelong learning.

This process will promote the creation of stable flows of information, communication and learning among policy makers, researchers and practitioners through the creation of a virtual Collaborative Learning Network that will test how to maximise the positive impact of stakeholders in relation to LLL policies.

The project outcomes include a conceptual framework report, a comparative analysis of LLL partnerships, initiatives and policies in the countries involved, the definition of a successful partnership model, 8 Round Tables constituted to debate on the Lifelong Learning potential in their respective contexts and Creation and running of a Virtual Community of Experts and stakeholders in the field of Lifelong Learning.

POSILLIPO is a 24 month project, from October 1st, 2005 to October 1st 2007.

For more information about this project, please contact: Serge Ravet


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