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MOSEP is an innovative project that started in August 2006 for a 2 year period and is being funded under the European Commission's Leonardo da Vinci Programme.

So what is MOSEP all about?

MOSEP addresses the growing problem of adolescents (aged 14 to 16) dropping out of the formal education system around Europe. Students of this age find themselves at the transition phase in their lives where they have to choose between going into upper secondary education or entering vocational training. It is a time when they have to make decisions and need to be supported in making the best choices for their future careers.

MOSEP will experiment with electronic learning and more specifically the use of electronic portfolios (ePortfolios) as a means of supporting both the adolescents and the teaching and counselling staff that work with them during this transition phase. We hope to prove the efficiency of this ePortfolio method, based on a learner-centered model allowing a greater degree of personalisation of learning, in motivating and empowering the adolescents enabling them to acquire the skills needed to succeed in today's knowledge economy.

What are the expected results of MOSEP?

  • A study outlining the specific qualifications and skills required by teachers/tutors working with adolescents
  • A MOSEP train-the-trainer course for teachers/tutors and counsellers in the form of blended learning
  • A teacher-training package providing guidelines, case studies, assignments that teachers can use with the adolescents
  • An on-line forum and help-desk for the teachers/tutors on how to use this material and also how to select, install and implement an open-source ePortfolio tool for use with their students.


Mosep Website: http://www.mosep.org/



Some Mosep results:

- Mosep Study : http://www.mosep.org/index.php/lang-en/toolbox/study 
"Study on new qualifications and skills needed by teachers and career counsellors to empower young students with the e-portfolio concept and tools"

- Mosep Course : http://www.mosep.org/index.php/lang-en/toolbox/coursemodules



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