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KEYPAL ePortfolio Guides now available

Key-PAL is a 2 year Grundtvig project (Oct 2004 to Oct 2006) co-ordinated by EIfEL.


EIFEL as Coordinator of the KEYPAL project and its project partners are pleased to make available the main project results under the Creative Commons License. The KEYPAL project aimed to establish the relevance and potential impact of the ePortfolio on the development and assessment of key-skills (basic skills / key competencies). KeyPAL explored how the ePortfolio can support and valorise self-managed learning and development for the acquisition of key-skills.

The main activity of the project has been the ePortfolio pilots carried out in 6 different EU countries (see partner list below). Partners used a variety of ePortfolio tools (elgg, careerwales online, blog tools, Skill up portfolio…) and in a variety of settings: second chance schools, youth centres, drop in day centres… with the common aim of exploring how the development of an ePortfolio can contribute to both the development, acquisition and valorisation of key skills.


The partners are pleased to make available under the Creative Commons License the key project results that we hope you will use and benefit from. The guides and documents are currently available in English but the Tutor's and User's guides will also be made available in French, German and Slovenian very shortly.

  1. Tutor's Guide to accompanying adults in developing their ePortfolio .doc  .pdf
  2. User's Guide to developing an ePortfolio (targetted at young adults) .doc  .html
  3. A list of recommendations for ePortfolio implementers, solution providers and policy makers . pdf
  4. A summary of the KEYPAL ePortfolio evaluation report .pdf
  5. A Benchmarking report on key skills in Europe .pdf

The project partners are:

  • Ecole de la Deuxième Chance de Seine St Denis (FR). Piloting ePortfolios with young adults at the Second chance school 
  •  Edinburgh University Settlement (UK). Piloting ePortfolios with adults with disabilities
  • Careers Wales North West (UK). Piloting ePortfolios with young adults in Wales
  • The MRS Consultancy Ltd (UK). Pilot evaluation activities.
  • Slovenian Institute for Adult Education (SI) – Slovenia. Piloting ePortfolios with young adults in 5 youth centres throughout Slovenia
  • Deutsches Rotes Kreuz, Kreisverband Bremen, e.V. (DE). Piloting ePortfolios with disaffected young adults in Bremen
  • PaperFree Systems Ltd (UK). An ePortfolio supplier
  • Ynternet (CH). Piloting ePortfolios with young adults in Switzerland
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