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eLearning Promoting the integration of migrant workers


EPITOME - eLearning Promoting the integration of migrant workers

This is a two year Leonardo da Vinci pilot project in operation from October 2006 to September 2008 involving six Member States – The Czech Republic, France, Germany, Latvia, Poland and the UK. This project addresses issues around the training of lower skilled actual and potential migrant workers in the hospitality and food and drink manufacturing sectors to ensure all employees are fully integrated into the workplace especially in terms of work and cultural practices.

The partners have undertaken market research with:

  • employers of migrant workers
  • actual and current migrant workers
  • potential migrant workers

The research has helped the partners to identify and prioritise specific knowledge and skills areas that need to be addressed. Partners are now developing innovative methods of developing and delivering appropriate e-learning resources. These resources will then be piloted in all of the participating member states. The results will be disseminated widely and processes will be put in place for mainstreaming the projects outputs.

This website disseminate the different activies of the Epitome project and gives information about training and skills recognition for lower skilled workers in the Hospitality and Food Production sectors.

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