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EPICC Achievements

EPICC has made a major contribution to progress towards interoperability by establishing a community of ePortfolio providers and users working together towards common standards and interoperability framework. This has been demonstrated through the active participation of 128 experts from the ePortfolio community at the first ePortfolio Plugfest organised by the project partners and held in Cambridge on October 26th 2005. One key outcome of this work and high level dissemination has been the recent partnership between Europortfolio and the Human Resources community (HR-XML) in the form of a MoU signed in January 2006.

ePortfolio Consortium and Memorandum of Understanding

There are a total of 110 Signatories. The Europortfolio consortium has 18 contributing member organisation and more members are joining Europortfolio.

The Europortfolio community (via EIfEL) has also signed an MoU with the HR-XML community to work together on ePortfolio specifications and interoperability in the post-project phase. This is a key result of the project and will ensure that the project results are taken up in the International Human resources community.

Community Application Profiles

2 Application profiles have been produced: a content packaging application profile that can be used by the whole ePortfolio community and

a LIP application profile for the Europass CV. The needs of the Medical Education community have also been collected and formalised at the Maastricht workshop. The project had hoped to produce more Application profiles but the late production of the specifications limited this activity.

Interoperability standards

IMS final ePortfolio specifications released in June 2005 including ePortfolio rubric specification, information model, binding and a best practice and implementation guide. These specifications were piloted via the EPICC demonstrator and for public consultation at the EPICC Maastricht workshop in June 2005 and the first ePortfolio Plugfest in Oct 2005.


Demonstration platform

The ePortfolio Demonstration platform based on the IMS specifications, developed by Giunti Interactive Laboratories and available in English and Italian. The platform has been presented at numerous conferences and demonstrated at the ePortfolio Plugfest.


The project has produced a green paper, over 30 articles and presentations published at conference based on the EPICC project work. The Green Paper has been released for consultation and feedback from the ePortfolio community:

  • State of the art ePortfolio review
  • glossary and taxonomy of ePortfolio terms and projects
  • An international ePortfolio survey with 150 participants.
  • An ePortfolio on-line scenario collection tool with over 30 different ePortfolio scenarios.
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