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Welcome to TELCERT

TELCERT is a Technology Enhanced Learning research and development project under the European Union's 6th Framework programme. Led by a consortium of eLearning providers, research and industry organisations, TELCERT will develop innovative software testing and conformance systems to assure interoperability in eLearning content and technology.

Certification and testing are crucial to accelerating market take-up of innovative eLearning technologies based on specifications and standards. Yet new test technologies are needed to meet the diverse needs of suppliers and users in different learning environments and cultures.

At the heart of the technology, eLearning community requirements will be defined in application profiles, supported by profiling and content re-engineering tools. These will generate customised conformance tests and enable trusted product and content certification.

The TELCERT work programme includes:

  • Identifying the "state of the art" in testing & conformance
  • Test suite research and development
  • Creating application profiling and content re-engineering tools
  • Developing the TELCERT TEST Suite and conformance programme
  • Workshops, briefings and seminars for the eLearning Community

Go here to access the official TELCERT website

Register here to receive TELCERT news and early access to project reports and software tools.

Go here to access the TELCERT public results on IMS Global website. 

Go here to access the application profiles tools including the CRT Release of RELOAD with translation in several language (french, german, dutch, italian, spanish, catalan) and some application profiles or Schemas based on IMS specifications.

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