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ePortfolio for all

— Mots-clés associés :

The rise of ePortfolios in Europe, from Wales to Austria, from Italy to Finland, is a major opportunity to regain the momentum required to achieve the 2010 Lisbon goals. It is also a unique chance to promote the single transparency framework for qualifications and competencies called for by the decision of the European Parliament and the Council of 15 December 2004 through the establishment of Europass. ePortfolios, as a tool to support Europass initiatives, will benefit citizens by facilitating mobility, transparency and recognition for lifelong and lifewide learning and work experience. Beyond transparency and mobility the ePortfolio is the medium of choice for the 21st century lifelong learner and knowledge worker - a tool for planning, developing and recognising learning achievements.

In 2003 EIfEL launched the campaign "ePortfolio for all" as an objective for 2010. The main objective of the 2010 Campaign is that in 2010 all European citizens will have access to an ePortfolio, giving them the possibility to take advantage of the full benefits the ePortfolio can bring. The 2010 Campaign is the focal point where all our activities converge, whether they be events (the International ePortfolio Conferences), projects (EPICC), studies (eStrategies for empowering individuals) or other initiatives (Europortfolio).

From the EPICC (European Portfolio Initiatives Co-ordination Committee) project emerged the European Consortium for the ePortfolio (commonly known as Europortfolio). This consortium is very closely tied to the 2010 campaign "ePortfolio for all", as is shown in the Europortfolio Memorandum of Understanding and roadmap. The roadmap gives general indicators in order to measure the progress made, instead of specific dates.

While the promise of ePortfolios for the creation of a culture of lifelong and lifewide learning is vast, the full promise will be only achieved under certain conditions... read more in the study leaflet.

EIfEL and Europortfolio consortium are involved in the HR-XML Europass WG, the first public draft (January 2007) of the Europass CV is available here.

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