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About EIfEL

EIfEL (European Institute for E-Learning) was an independent, not-for-profit European professional association whose mission is to support organisations, communities and individuals in building a knowledge economy and a learning society through innovative and reflective practice, continuing professional development and the use of knowledge, information and learning technologies. EIfEL was leading the Europortfolio consortium and was a founding member of EFQUEL the European Foundation for Quality in E-Learning

EIfEL's vision

EIfEL is responding to the challenge of the knowledge society by creating a community, a framework and tools to identify, develop, recognise and validate the competencies of education, learning and human resources development professionals.

The key principles on which our actions are founded are:

  • learning is lifelong, life wide, formal and informal
  • individuals, organisations and communities learn in close interaction
  • knowledge, information and learning technologies have the power to support innovation and transform and unite all forms of learning

We believe that these three principles have important implications for the way we build learning policies and implement knowledge, information and learning technologies in organisations and communities. Learning in the 21st century will be different from learning in an industrial society.

Based these principles, EIfEL supports learning technologies designed and used to value the human capital of individuals (e.g. competencies, knowledge and social networks) and the development of the social capital of learning communities and learning organisations. 

EIfEL's services and activities

EIfEL provides services to its organisational and individual members to support the design of eStrategies for learning, the implementation of technologies and the development of competencies through a series of activities such as research, pilot programmes, special interest groups, workshops, conferences and consultancy.

EIfEL has set up the Europortfolio consortium to establish a place for ePortfolio leadership in Europe and international cooperation. EIfEL is also at the origin of the creation of EFQUEL, the European Foundationtion for Quality in E-Learning to define the new framework reference model for quality in a learning society.


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