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The worldwide emergence of the ePortfolio is transforming our current views on learning technologies. For the first time in the relatively short history of learning technologies we are seeing the rise of a new generation of tools dedicated to valuing and celebrating the achievements of the individual, from nursery school to lifelong and life wide learning, a technology providing a key link for individual, organisational as well as community learning (e.g. communities of practice, learning regions and cities). While some countries and regions are already providing the infrastructure required to offer ePortfolio access to all citizens, other regions and countries are considering it, and others have yet to discover its possibilities.

ePortfolio efforts need coordination

While several actors and institutions have been developing digital portfolios over the past decade, this effort has been mostly uncoordinated with the notable exception of two academic consortia in the United States. We think that it is critical for the future of a knowledge Europe to engage upon an orchestrated effort involving both educational and corporate institutions to define, design, and develop digital portfolio systems that meet the needs of all stakeholders. This is the mission of Europortfolio. 

Europortfolio's mission

Suscribe to the ePortfolio and Europass readiness study 


Sign the Memorandum of Understanting to support the objective "ePortfolio for all"


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An ePortfolio is a personal digital collection of information describing and illustrating a person's learning, career, experience and achievements. ePortfolios  are privately owned and the owner has complete control over who has access to what and when.


ePortfolios contents and services can be shared with others in order to support Prior Learning Accreditation and Recognition (PLAR), complete or replace exams, reflect on one's learning or career, support continuing professional development, plan learning or search a job.

In order to provide the means for the ePortfolio to achieve its highest potential, Europortfolio contributes to the definition and implementation of eStrategies promoting innovative practice and technology, and encourages the adoption of technical standards that will enable interoperability, between a range of ePortfolio systems and with other information systems. Interoperability will be the key to maximising the number and quality of services offered to ePortfolio owners.

The mission of Europortfolio is to:

  • Promote innovative practice and technology; use of the ePortfolio as one of the foundations of a learning economy and society. The link between the different dimensions of learning: individual, organisational, and community learning, based upon a lifelong and life wide repository and celebration of achievements.
  • Contribute to the definition of technical standards; ensuring interoperability between ePortfolio and ePortfolio-related technologies and services.
  • Establish a reference platform implementing state of the art standards in order to provide a benchmark and a test facility.
  • Update current occupational standards of competence to promote the use of ePortfolios as a foundation for forward-looking practice in the fields of education, training, human resource management and development.
  • Provide support to, and co-ordinate, European initiatives with other national and international initiatives, sector-specific or cross-sector; facilitate the exchange of information among all the stakeholders involved in ePortfolio and ePortfolio-related initiatives; encourage European and international co-operation and research.
  • Mobilise the human, financial, operational and technical resources required to achieve its mission and create the conditions for a self-sustainable consortium.

Join Europortfolio!

If your organisation has already developed digital portfolio tools and systems, or if you are interested in implementing a digital portfolio system in your community or organisation, we invite you to join EIfEL which is leading Europortfolio, the European Consortium for the Digital Portfolio.

For more information, please contact: serge.ravet@eife-l.org

Europortfolio is also leading the "ePortfolio for all" campaign for wich you are invited to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).


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